Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beach waves

I love summer! Here is how to make that beach look.
1. Split all of your hair into two parts and then braid each part and secure with a hair tie of your choosing. I found that the "waves" ended up looking better with bigger braids.
2. Take one of the braids and twist it tightly away from your face.
3. Place the straightener around the twisted braid and instead of just pulling the straightener down...
4. Twist the straightener in the same direction the hair is twisted. I started at the top and worked your way down the braid. Make sure you don't put the straightener where your hair tie is or else there will be a weird crease.
5. When your hair has completely cooled, pull out your hair ties and run your fingers through the braids to release them.
Don't forget to hair spray!!  I learnt this from a beach photo shoot:) 

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