Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Green cat eyes

So apparently I live a city where everyone has blue eyes. What most blue eyed bomb shells don't know is green looks amazing with blue eyes! To do this look you will need a high quality eyeliner brush (horse tail is the best).
1. Start with a highlighter and put it in the arch under the brow and around the tip of your eye closest to your nose.
2. To make the look sharp outline the area you are going to colour in.
3. Start at the tip of the cat eye with darker greens (you can mix them on your wrist and come up with some great ones) and work your way to the lighter ones.
4. Fill the tail of the cat eye with black and shade (use your eye as a guide you can start to outline the bottom this way)
5. Put some yellow if you have it in the centre of the lid, it really makes it pop.
6. Mascarra those beautiful lashes! (I use three different types in layers, people always think I have fake lashed on:)

And there you have it! Spring shadow. Meow

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